Native Network is an advertising network that offers banner ads in various formats for displaying in more than 70 websites included in the network, depending on the preferred number and format of the advertiser. On the web, you can place advertising animation and video formats inside or outside the article in the lower and upper parts of the website.

The main motivation for creating Native Network was to go beyond standard advertising. The local display of ads on websites irritated and annoyed users, so it was decided to create a Native Network, focusing on advertising in the Native format. They were tested during the creation phase to understand the efficiency, and only after showing clear efficiency, the network was finally approved and created.

And what are the advantages, why to choose Native advertising? Advertisements of this format are placed inside the article, becoming a part of the content, that is, they are not perceived as obvious advertisements, they do not irritate. If the user goes down from the advertisement section, continuing to read the article, the advertisement will be closed automatically, and will not appear in his field of view. The Native format provides 100% visibility, the ad is considered shown only if the user actually saw it.

This advertising is placed on several websites at once, providing a large audience of unique users, with which the effectiveness of network advertising is higher. And since the network includes websites of different nature and orientation, Native advertising is also suitable for increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Native advertising has a mobile-adapted structure, because almost 80% of site visits are provided by a mobile platform. Native Network attaches great importance to the fact that the banner format is Mobile friendly, so it works very well on the smartphone screen, corresponding to the size.

To place ads in the Native Network, the client must first have answers to a number of important questions: why does he need this ad, what problem does it solve : our specialists together with you will find answers to these questions by giving an appropriate offer. The websites are filtered according to the efficiency, only the ones that will be effective for the display of the given advertisement remain.

Then the stage of creating a banner begins, which may have non-standard solutions, or, for example, a Call to action button: again, it depends on the goal of the advertiser.

After final approval by the advertiser, the ads are activated and displayed on websites ․ The customer always has access to see at what stage the advertisement is, where and how much it has been displayed. The advertiser is always presented with a report on the results. If you are interested in this product, our specialists can meet with you to provide additional information and details.